Work with me


Dana Wheeles

I am deeply fascinated by human creativity, and resiliency, whether it be in career, in relationship, or in a larger personal mission. The unifying principle of all my work is my love of connecting with others, of finding points of understanding, and working toward healing from anxiety and trauma.

Troubled? Then come sit with me and put down your worries for a while. Together we can recalibrate your joy compass and get you back on track.

In my tool chest:

  • Mindfulness and meditation training

  • Trauma-informed coaching skills, incorporating modalities such as Vortex Divine Healing energy work and restorative yoga

  • Trained in Polyvagal Therapy for co-regulation and healing of anxiety and developmental trauma

  • Over a decade of exploring self-healing and regulation

  • Leadership skills in creating collaborative, mindful, and efficient teams