Meditation • Art • Trauma-Informed Support


Whether you're dealing with anxiety and stress, trying to break unhelpful patterns in your life, or preparing to grow something creative and audacious, I can help you sort through the complexities and help you find your way to the life you were meant to love.


Guided meditations are a great way to mitigate stress, calm the nervous system, increase creativity, and help you tap into your greatest potential. From ancient contemplative practices to the latest in neuroscience, I offer individually-tailored mindfulness support to help you heal, and, more importantly, help you thrive.

Explore my free meditations available on Insight Timer.


My artwork is grounded in the beauty - and complexity - of the natural world. The animal totem series brings together the power of my allies (deer, hawk and many others) to help you interface with the creatures that bring wisdom for your life and your health.

See the Deerhawk Gallery / Visit the Deerhawk store on Zazzle.


Trauma-Informed Support

Trauma happens anytime our system is overwhelmed and we are unable to process the experience and come back to center. It’s at the root of most unhealthy patterns, addictions, and difficulties in our lives. I’ve spent a decade learning how to understand trauma, and how to heal it - through counseling, Polyvagal Therapy, and Energy Healing (VortexHealing ®). If unprocessed trauma is keeping you stuck, we can find the modality that is right for you.


Featured Offering: Polyvagal Therapy

Using guided meditation and gentle touch, this work helps to settle the nervous system and release any trauma still held in the body. As we work with your autonomic nervous system, you’ll be able to find the ways in which your fight/flight/freeze is always set to “on” and we’ll work with your physiology and bring in social co-regulation skills to reset these unhelpful patterns. 60-minute sessions are available in my Charlottesville office.


Ask a Wayfinder

Ask A Wayfinder is an audio advice column that combines wisdom with meditation and mindfulness techniques to help listeners find the path that is right for them. 

Listen on iTunes, or submit your letters to get answers to your deepest questions.

Deerhawk Art

Original Art Work

Soothing paintings inspired by nature are now available for show and sale (see Gallery). To learn more about upcoming art shows by Dana, head over to the News and Notes page for updates, or follow Deerhawk Healing on Facebook to get more information about other Deerhawk events.

Gifts and other designs

Head over to the the Deerhawk storefront on Zazzle to browse a selection of mugs, stationery, and other gifts made from original paintings.

Hawk Dreams, 2019

Hawk Dreams, 2019