Meditation • Life Coaching • Energy Healing


Whether you're dealing with anxiety and stress, trying to break unhelpful patterns in your life, or preparing to grow something creative and audacious, I can help you sort through the complexities and help you find your way to the life you were meant to love.


Guided meditations are a great way to mitigate stress, calm the nervous system, increase creativity, and help you tap into your greatest potential. I also provide instruction in a number of mindfulness techniques as well as restorative yoga so that you can integrate it into your everyday life.

Life Coaching

In 2016, I participated in the Martha Beck Wayfinder Life Coach Training Program to gain the techniques and skills necessary to help people set their goals, find their path, and learn to thrive.  We'll find any limiting beliefs holding you back, and get you back on track for what you desire.


Energy Healing

I have been training in Vortex Divine Energy Healing (VortexHealing ®) and offer energy work in support of coaching or in individual sessions. Using Vortex, we’ll target and address the physical and emotional issues that may be getting in the way of tapping into your creativity and purpose.


New Offering: Polyvagal Therapy

Using guided meditation and gentle touch, this work helps to settle the nervous system and release any trauma still held in the body. As we work with your autonomic nervous system, you’ll be able to find the ways in which your fight/flight/freeze is always set to “on” and we’ll work with your physiology and bring in social co-regulation skills to reset these unhelpful patterns.

Compassionate coaching and mindfulness support for individuals and business owners.


Ask a Wayfinder

Ask A Wayfinder is an audio advice column that combines wisdom with meditation and mindfulness techniques to help listeners find the path that is right for them. 

Listen on iTunes, or submit your letters to get answers to your deepest questions.

Deerhawk Art

Original Art Work

Soothing paintings inspired by nature are now available for show and sale. To learn more about upcoming art shows by Dana, head over to the News and Notes page for updates, or follow Deerhawk Healing on Facebook to get more information about other Deerhawk events.

Gifts and other designs

Head over to the the Deerhawk storefront on Zazzle to browse a selection of mugs, stationery, and other gifts made from original paintings.