In one conversation, Dana helped me make more progress on self-acceptance and self-care than I’d made in two years of working with my (very good) therapist. Dana is the best listener I’ve ever met, and this is particularly evident in the questions she asks: her questions guided me to an understanding of what my problems were and how to go about fixing them, and this was much more effective than any other approach I’ve seen. I’m still using techniques from our conversation every day, and it’s made a tremendous difference. I can already tell it’s going to help me change my life.
— A.S.

I sought Dana out because I knew something wasn’t working. My job paid well enough but was consuming so much energy that I had little left for family and friends, and none for myself. Through a series of focused conversations, in which Dana listened intently and challenged gently, I gradually gained enough distance to understand why the job that paid so well cost so much. By her own career example, Dana helped me recognize that risk-taking isn’t contrary to responsibility. As a genuine and caring person who has lived the corporate life and taken significant risks of her own, Dana is a believable and compassionate guide.


Dana is a great coach for me because she cares about taking a rational, scientific approach to understanding how our brains deal with challenge, emotions and feeling stuck. I trust her, and I feel like she genuinely likes listening and solving problems, it comes naturally to her.

— E.L.H.

Dana helped me in discovering an underlying belief that I wasn't aware of that. By identifying this I was able to see how it was impacting my career.

— A.H.

Dana left me with a more highly evolved sense of how to proceed and how to recognize what has been standing in my way.

— A.C.